About me

I am a PhD Scholar, a data scientist, and a full-stack software developer majoring in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. My research explores ways in which aspects of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence can be used to generate Actionable Analytics.

Specifically, I develop algorithms that go beyond prediction to generate insights that can assist decision making. Our research group achieves this using XTREE. Read more here.

We also develop algorithms that generate insights even when sufficient data is not available. This is achieved with transfer learning using what are known as Bellwethers. Read more here.

In my free time I boulder and practice Muai Thai. I am also a self-proclaimed audiophile and a vinyl nerd.

If you are a potential employer, I am currently looking for a full time job:

  • Be sure to check out my resume.
  • See my publications here.
  • See some of my talks here.