Hi there, I'm Rahul!

"Life is about exposing oneself to as many ideas and experiences as possible, and from those unique experiences, building an outlook on life and trying to behave accordingly."
- Someone on Reddit.

Rahul Krishna

I am an enthusiastic seeker of wisdom (A PhD Scholar, if you will), a data scientist, and a software developer majoring in Computer Science at North Carolina State university. I explore ways in which aspects of pattern recognition and artificial intelligence can be incorporated into systems in order to alleviate developmental effort.

I am currently working in The RAISE lab with Dr. Timothy Menzies, on developing new data mining tools through transfer learning. The ultimate goal of my project is to overcome current limitations in the state-of-the-art to enhance learning within and across projects. Learn more here.

In my free time I like to rock climb, mountain bike and go on hikes. I am also a self-proclaimed audiophile and a vinyl nerd, I build speakers and collect vinyl records. If you are a potential employer, be sure to check out my resume. To see my publications, visit Publications. If you'd like to read my occasional rants, check out my blog.